The Christmas Meal by @oldprimaryhead1

Name: Brian Walton
Twitter name: @oldprimaryhead1
Sector: Early Years,Primary,Secondary,Special school
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Headteacher
What is your advice about? Christmas Meal

1: You are tired… It has been a long dark term. ‘Christmas’ and ‘Christmas meal’ are not to be confused.

2: This meal may be in the dodgiest joint in town. Don’t Judge. It is Christmas. That COULD BE Champagne in another life.

3: Don’t go for the 3 for 1 deal… stick to the roast or veg option.

4: Don’t sit with the hard-core-late-night-hit-the-club-lot… unless you are a certified alcoholic.

5: By the time you have recovered know that it is 2016 and you are back to work. Time has no meaning during this break.


One thought on “The Christmas Meal by @oldprimaryhead1

  1. clairechalcraft

    Love your post Brian – I would add the “Staff Secret Santa” to the list too (I know, bah, humbug!) though I did once receive a rather charming mouse mat (freebie), unashamedly recycled by an over-tired colleague inthe IT department whose name of course remained a “secret”.!
    Best wishes for the end if this term. Claire (@CMCinSwitz)


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