Using the Department’s Scheme of Work by @ellieerussell

Name: Ellie
Twitter name: @ellieerussell
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): science
Position: Lead Practititoner, Science
What is your advice about? Using the departments scheme of work

1: In most cases the existence of a shared scheme of work is a blessing. Many of us ‘older’ teachers remembering starting teaching and every lesson was your own… From scratch!

2: Just because somebody with more teaching experience than you has written a lesson, doesn’t mean their way is the best way. The odds are it has useful content though.

3: Read ahead through the SoW before starting the topic. Consider the key points to prioritise and ensure students understand in the time you have.

4: Often SoW writing is shared out between members of a department. One colleague’s style might suit your style more than others, but variety can be good.

5: Find a couple of colleagues you can turn to for help if you think your class is struggling. Often you’ll find we have already made useful lesson tweaks!

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