Assessment by @CyberChalky

Name: Andrew Grichting
Twitter name: @CyberChalky
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Mathematics/ Science/ Physics
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Assessment

1: Spend time planning your assessment carefully; think about it in terms of delivering it, assessing it, analysing it and giving feedback about it.

2: Pre-made assessment tools, be they made by colleagues, purchased, or found online shouldn’t be used without adjustment – make it your own, your students will know the difference.

3: There is no single “best” assessment type. Use a lot of variety, experiment, and keep on experimenting. Your students change, so should your assessment.

4: Keep data on assessment – try and see if each question gave you the information about student attainment you wanted. If not, let it evolve – don’t keep using a broken tool.

5: Share your assessment tools – see how your colleagues change them and make them different. Use them as information to improve your own skill.

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