Being a Great Form Tutor by @mrdwyerhistory

Name: Paul Dwyer
Twitter name: @mrdwyerhistory
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Sixth Form/general school
Position: Director of Sixth Form
What is your advice about? Being a great form tutor

1: Talk to all your students individually as often as possible. Keep mini tallies on who you speak to in order to be mindful of touching base with everyone over a week.

2: Be proactive with parents. An email or phone call to introduce yourself at the beginning of the year can do wonders. Praise or raise concerns concerns early with parents.

3: Make tutor time meaningful; sessions should be planned and have purpose. Whether inspiring debates or team building,  all pupils should take something away from tutor time.

4: Don’t be afraid to work with your pastoral leaders. Talk to Heads of Year/House if you aren’t sure about how to best support a student or engage with a whole group.

5: You are the point of liaison for students. This doesn’t mean defending them to colleagues over work/behaviour, but it can sometimes be offering the student viewpoint.


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