Planning and Surviving by @missaudsley

Name: Marilyn Audsley
Twitter name: @missaudsley
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Physics
Position: teacher
What is your advice about? planning and surviving

1: Set time limits for planning, so you don’t spend three hours planning one lesson. Planning time will expand or shrink into however long you allow for it.

2: Make sure you have (at least) a few evenings and a weekend day where you just do not work. See friends, watch TV, sleep; just don’t work.

3: Prioritise tasks and accept that you can’t do everything asked of you to a level of perfection you may be used to. The to do list is endless.

4: Don’t listen to whingers and don’t become one. It doesn’t help, brings everyone down and is tedious. Positivity can get you through tough times.

5: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell someone if you are finding things difficult. There will be supportive staff who can and will help you.

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