Writing by @teachingmagpie

Name: Ed Scrivens
Twitter name: @teachingmagpie
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Head of Department
What is your advice about? Writing

1: Craft short sentence length and paragraph length pieces every couple of lessons. Dig deep and complete one silent, extended piece per fortnight, minimum.

2: Give them structures to emulate. Seek advice on these – try Andy Tharby’s blog for some great starting points.

3: You must work out for yourself what the tiny details which create an excellent piece are. Try @xris32 for some guidance!

4: Show them the work of a master craftsmen, and let them produce their own imperfect, individual variations. “Copy” the style, change the content…

5: Love writing. Read them pieces you really enjoy, fill your room with writing which fires enthusiasm.

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