School Placements by @Long_Tailed_Tit

Name: LTT
Twitter name: Long_Tailed_Tit
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Maths
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? School placements

1: If you are given a requirement about when to submit your lesson plan by, try your best to hit these. They are set for a reason to allow you follow up time to make changes.

2: Spend some time socialising with your departmental colleagues. Don’t just spend 24/7 with other trainees, as you’ll miss out on building relationships.

3: Do listen to your fellow trainees, but don’t judge yourself against them. It doesn’t matter that Billy has already been made deputy head of photocopying at his school.

4: My first placement was the hardest. Ignore the naysayers who celebrate your achievements (completing long placement etc) but who tell you the hardest is yet to come.

5: Be critical, but not to the extent where you can’t celebrate a lesson you have taught. If that lesson wasn’t perfect, then you should see all the lessons going on around you.


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