Web Tools for All Teachers by @FlyMyGeekFlag

Name: Sarah Bedwell
Twitter name: FlyMyGeekFlag
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Extended Leadership Team
What is your advice about? Web tools for all teachers

1: Class DojoA fantastic behaviour management tool for all key stages (yes, even KS4).

2: PlanboardA free teacher planner that’s easy to set up and use, add resources to and adapt – and you don’t have to carry a paper version.

3: Class ChartsFree online seating plans, easily customisable no matter the layout of your classroom. Can add behaviour and other data as well.

4: Classtools.netA huge range of web tools including timers, name generators and fake social media tools, e.g. Fakebook.

5: Videonot.esAllows you to quickly and easily annotate online videos, e.g. Youtube clips, which you can then share with students.

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