Being a Good Colleague by @rlj1981

Name: Rachel Jones
Twitter name: @rlj1981
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Classics and Computing
Position: Assistant Director of Studies
What is your advice about? Being a good colleague

1: Teachers are oddly attached to their mugs. Don’t be the one who takes someones special mug from the staffroom. This sounds ludicrous but is very true.

2: Hurried corridor conversations are best followed up with a quick email to confirm what you/they said you need to do. This saves confusion.

3: Don’t fan the flames of discontent in the staff room. You work in a school not revolutionary France, you can’t overthrow the regime, but you can work to change it.

4: Sometimes everyone needs a boost. Rather than ignoring those who are clearly having a bad day, makes them a cup of tea. Little gestures can really help.

5: Turn up on time for lunch duties and other obligations. Folk are relying on you, don’t let them down.

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