Finding Ideas to Better Your Practice by @rlj1981

Name: Rachel Jones
Twitter name: @rlj1981
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Classics and Computing
Position: Assistant Director of Studies
What is your advice about? Finding ideas to better your practice

1: Pedagoo and staff.rm have some brilliant blogs that can inspire you. There are also a place for teachers without blogs to start blogging. Give it a go.

2: Have a look on the TeachMeet wiki and attend a local event. If you feel brave you might like to present an idea that has worked in your classroom.

3: A lot of teachers use social media to share ideas. There is obviously Twitter and FaceBook, but also have a look a Pinterest and Instagram.

4: Once you find some blogs that you find useful you might like to follow them, that way you get an update when there is a new post. Saves you hunting for new things to read.

5: I have found ‘talking’ to others rather than lurking more useful on social media. Do what you feel comfortable with and what will help you most.

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