Teaching Grammar by @whatonomy

Name: Whatonomy
Twitter name: @whatonomy
Sector: Primary and Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English and EAL
Position: Head of English
What is your advice about? Teaching Grammar

1: Take the terminology seriously. Understand that rules change and language evolves, but that we depend upon consensus for a single, crucial reason: mutual understanding.

2: Use the terminology in the glossary of your given curriculum. Giving your students terminology endows them with a metalanguage to reflect upon authorial choices.

3: Present grammatical concepts in context. Find purposeful examples in literature and allow students to reflect on the purpose of the structure BEFORE giving a name to it.

4: Give the students progressively less scaffolded practice and provide ready access to modelled writing during the early stages.

5: Read Steven Pinker’s ‘A Sense of Style’: it will set you on the right path between grammarian diktat and postmodern linguistic relativism. Words are negotiated gospel.

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