Using Technology in Schools by @rlj1981

Name: Rachel Jones
Twitter name: @rlj1981
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Classics and Computing
Position: Assistant Director of Studies
What is your advice about? Using Technology in schools

1: Do not assume that children know how to use technology better than you. They are probably *awesome* at using Instagram but that doesn’t mean they know how to use Google Drive.

2: Do not use technology because SLT/OFTED/Lesson Observation form says you have to. Use it because it makes a real difference to the learning in your classroom.

3: If you are using desktop machines and you get an issue before ringing IT Support:
a- try turning it on and off again (really)
b- try a different internet browser.

4: Using non-traditional or not intended for educational purposes apps or websites can get you some brilliant results. Give them a go.

5: If something isn’t working the way you intended be brave enough to stop the activity and do something else instead. Better to admit it isn’t working than waste pupil time.


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