General Advice by Katherine Martin

Name: Katherine Martin
Twitter name:
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): French and Italian
Position: NQT
What is your advice about? General

1: Create a bank of starters/listening activities/speaking activities/writing activities/reading activities so you can easily draw from these as and when you need.

2: Play around with new ideas in your first year but don’t make life too hard for yourself. If something worked use it again in another class if it’s going to meet the objectives.

3: Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Yes, you’re being observed all the time and you will get “constructive criticism” after every lesson, but no lesson will be 100% perfect!

4: In placement schools observe lessons you will start taking over. Try and learn kids’ names – it helps you get to know different characters in the class.

5: Learn from teachers but don’t try and be them. Kids will see right through you trying to be them and they won’t respect you for it!


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