Surviving When ‘Life Stuff’ Crops Up by @MissAVECarter

Name: Bella Carter
Twitter name: @MissAVECarter
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Surviving when ‘life stuff’ crops up

1: Acknowledgement : accept that today, for reasons beyond your control, you are not going to be outstanding.

2: Planning: pull together some low input, high output, silent working for your pupils. Tests, films, project work all good examples.

3: Acting: put on that brave face. Smile and welcome pupils into your room. Get them on task quickly.

4: Forgiveness: be kind to yourself. Don’t worry if lessons are not up to your usual high standards or if pupils do not achieve as much as they usually do.

5: Respite: leave school on time and find time for yourself in the evening and weekend to relax. Your health and well-being must come first.


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