Well-being by Anonymous

Name: Anonymous
Twitter name:
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: RQT
What is your advice about? Well-being

1: You’ll always feel you could do more. Try to get comfortable with this nagging feeling as soon as possible, because it isn’t going away.

2: Lie about your job at parties. It’s easier than listening to the sixth opinion that night on how teachers should do this or that. You get enough of that at work.

3: Find the colleagues that make you laugh. You need the ones that make you chuckle, regardless of whether they’re ‘radiators’ or ‘drains’.

4: Hydrate. Don’t think ‘well I don’t have time to pee anyway’ because you’ll get to 4pm and feel like you’re hungover, but with none of the fun.

5: Listen to Take That’s ‘Never Forget’ frequently. One’s reaction to this song is an excellent barometer for workplace well-being. If you cry, phone in sick.


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