Emails by @Mr_Bunker_edu

Name: David Bunker
Twitter name: @Mr_Bunker_edu
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Head of Department
What is your advice about? Emails

1: Emails are a quick and convenient way to communicate, so are often overused. As a consequence, emails soon stop being quick and convenient if you actually want to communicate.

2: When sending an email, always ask yourself if it’s possible to sort out your request with a conversation. Often, this will be far more fruitful.

3: Be incredibly wary of sending ‘all staff’ emails. Don’t waste people’s time by sending them information, which is irrelevant.

4: Act on emails as soon as possible: Delete the obviously irrelevant, reply instantly where possible, or star/bookmark the email if the response requires more thought / time.

5: If it’s common in your school for people to send emails with requests during evenings or at weekends, please don’t read them until you’re at work. Get some rest.

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