Teaching Shakespeare by Alex

Name: Alex
Twitter: None given
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: English and Media
Position: Former teacher
5 Bits of Advice About:  Teaching Shakespeare

  1. It might not be easy, but you SHOULD teach Shakespeare to your classes and not just because the national curriculum/exam boards says so. It is their heritage.
  2. Focus on the language of the play – “Why does Shakespeare use this metaphor?” This can help students begin to understand the text.
  3. Audio versions of the play can be a good answer to the reluctant readers problem. So can drama activities, like hot-seating.
  4. When viewing a film underline that this is an adaptation. Compare and contrast film/play then get students to say what they would do differently and why.
  5. Give some context – e.g. in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ ask students why Juliet has to marry Paris and explain the historical/social attitudes. Compare it with their lives today.

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