Classroom Management by @CarolineMorto1

Name: Caroline Mortlock
Twitter: @CarolineMorto1
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: English
Position: Lead Practitioner
5 Bits of Advice About:  Classroom management

  1. Make frequent, extensive eye contact as you talk. It’s a really positive way of involving and engaging your audience.
  2. Learn to love your teacher persona; it will become both your shield and your sustenance. Welcome the relief at the end of the day as you hang it up in a cupboard.
  3. Get in amongst your class. One of the loveliest things is when a senior colleague arrives and, sees a class happily immersed in their work and CAN’T WORK OUT WHERE YOU ARE.
  4. Have at least a litre of water on hand. Your voice needs it; your system needs it.
  5. You cannot be too organised. Distrust those who claim mess is creative. Tidy is calm.



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