Staff Footy by @ITeachRE

Name: Andy Lewis
Twitter: @ITeachRe
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: RE
Position: Head of Year and Second in RE
5 Bits of Advice About:  Staff Footy

  1. If it doesn’t exist, help set it up; it’s a great way to end the week! Definitely not just for men either; some of the best staff I’ve played against have been women.
  2. Sport is a great leveller; deputies go head to head against the caretaker. The following week there is endless post game analysis across all staff.
  3. Unleash the week’s frustrations in the game. Goals with nets are best so you can release all your pressure with *that* shot on goal… and then over-celebrate!
  4. Watch your tackles. It is hard for colleagues to explain to the kids that they are on crutches after you launched a two footed slider on them.
  5. Victory DOES matter; teachers are competitive by nature. However it’s always good to buy the losers a pint down the pub afterwards.

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