Differentiation by @LizBPattison

Name: Liz Bentley-Pattison
Twitter:  @LizBPattison
Sector:  Sixth Form
Subject: Geography
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Differentiation

  1. You don’t have to provide 25 different worksheets for every lesson – it is unrealistic and unsustainable – but you might need to provide writing frames to help students.
  2. Differentiating by task is best done by getting students to choose which level to work at depending on how they perceive their current level of understanding – not you.
  3. Differentiating by resource sometimes works well but don’t restrict students to a simplistic stimulus because you think that’s all they’re capable of.
  4. All students respond well to challenge so consider differentiation by scaffolding so that everyone reaches the objective rather than the unsound ‘all/most/some’ structure.
  5. Differentiation by outcome is an excuse lazy teachers use who can’t be bothered to support their students reach challenging goals. Give feedback to help close the gaps.

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