Teaching About Islam by @mrthompsonRE

Name: Martin Thompson
Twitter:  @mrthompsonRE
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: RE
Position: Teacher, Head of Year
5 Bits of Advice About: Teaching about Islam

  1. Don’t avoid controversy – kids know what is happening in the world, so talk about it.
  2. Be rigorous – in the time limits you have you can still do deep. Encourage pupils to have an enquiring mind and to go beyond the headlines.
  3. Deepen your own understanding. Don’t just rely on the textbooks or a quick Google. Read the texts, get a multiplicity of views.
  4. Help pupils to engage with authentic Muslim voices – your local Mosque will usually welcome a visit. Try building links with university groups if you are close enough to them.
  5. Avoid simplification like a plague. Your pupils deserve better than that, and will never have their opinion challenged unless you meet their questions head on.

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