How to Teach Maths by @vellemdiscordant

Name: Vellem Discordant
Twitter:  @vellemdiscordant
Sector: Secondary
Subject: Science and Maths
Position: Teacher with responsibility
5 Bits of Advice About: How to teach Maths

  1. Teach them something.
  2. Have them practise it.
  3. Teach them a little more.
  4. Have them practise that.
  5. Give them some harder problems, applying what you just taught them, then repeat.

3 thoughts on “How to Teach Maths by @vellemdiscordant

    1. “Heavily-laboured”? – I thought I was short and pithy. Oh well. But yes, reductionist.

      But to quite a few recent graduates my advice would be startlingly original and contrary to much of what they’ve heard during their courses.


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