Behaviour Management by @68ron

Name: Ron Gordon
Twitter:  @68ron
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: RE
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Behaviour management

  1. It’s easier to change your response to bad behaviour than it is to change bad behaviour. This is not as defeatist as you might think.
  2. Non verbal cues are less easy to argue with. Place a bin in from of gum chewing pupil rather than talking about it.
  3. Allow pupils take up time with a request you have. Issue request discreetly, then come back to chase up original concern.
  4. Avoid language of confrontation. “Pop out to the corridor, I’d like a word” not “GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!”
  5. With difficult pupils, try keeping your conversations to the work in hand, not behaviour. They’re more likely to accept your academic rather than your moral credentials.

One thought on “Behaviour Management by @68ron

  1. This is the most defeatist behaviour advice I have read so far on this forum. When does the grovelling start? When they tell you to f off you should calmly ask them to carry on with their work? Seriously – this is behaviour management for teachers who want to have a nervous breakdown in the next few years.


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