Extra Curricular Activities by @MrJDexter

Name: John Dexter
Twitter:  @MrJDexter
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: Chemistry
Position: Acting Head
5 Bits of Advice About: Extra curricular activities

  1. Do some extra curricular – music (play an instrument in orchestra, sing in choir) or sport (take a team) or help in a club. Organise a trip. Help with the Duke of Edinburgh programme.
  2. Learn that despite the paperwork for Health and Safety, trip forms etc, the benefits far outweigh the work.
  3. Reflect on what differences running the activity makes to relationships within your classes with those who do your club and those who don’t. This should make you think.
  4. Enjoy opportunities to work in a different team with colleagues. Be proud of achievements, building character (including yours) and tell the story via the school website, posters, assemblies etc.
  5. Now is that really extra curricular or part of the lifeblood of a school?

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