Taking Your First Assembly by @molin_bryan

Name: Bryan Molin
Twitter:  @molin_bryan
Sector:  Secondary
Position: Assistant Headteacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Taking your first assembly

  1. Look for inspiration. I personally watch TED speeches, as it gives both ideas on topics and presentation styles.
  2. Have notes and a powerpoint, but rehearse your topic so you are confident with it. Technology fails, good preparation doesn’t.
  3. Make sure you plan for the appropriate time, so it does not affect the school day. Plan so you don’t end too early and be prepared to adjust your plan so you don’t overrun.
  4. In terms of audience participation, unless you are very confident, avoid at first. You can always start by integrating student readings and drama.
  5. Make sure you revisit the purpose of the assembly throughout. Speak clearly and so not be afraid of pauses.

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