Teaching A Level Maths by @Bigkid4

Name: Bigkid4
Twitter:  @Bigkid4
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: Maths
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Teaching A Level Maths

  1. If pupils weren’t motivated, independent learners in year 11 then they still won’t be… Unless you teach them to be.
  2. Practice is vital. The more practice they get at everything the better.
  3. Your class is highly likely to have a wide range of abilities. Plan to have to break everything down more for at least some of the class.
  4. Don’t assume that they can do GCSE maths content. At least some of them will probably not be able to.
  5. Set a lot of homework right from the outset. Make them respond proactively if they can’t do it.

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