The Behaviour Learning Conversation by @drake_kieran

Name: Kieran
Twitter:  @drake_kieran
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: RE
Position: Head of Department
5 Bits of Advice About: The behaviour learning conversation

  1. Use the language of ‘choices’ and ‘consequences’. This taps into a student’s understanding of justice and fairness.
  2. Start by asking the student to rate their performance in the lesson out of 100. Ask them why they didn’t say 0 and why they didn’t say 100.
  3. List very clearly each of the bad choices they made. Give them clear reasons connected to learning (“because I’m your teacher” or “because I said so” will not help you).
  4. Give them no more than 2 things that you want them to better next time.
  5. Carrot/Stick – Tell them how you’ll reward them if they follow the target in your next lesson. Tell them what the consequence of choosing not to will be.

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