Bags by @tstarkey1212

Name: Tom Starkey
Twitter:  @tstarkey1212
Sector:  Secondary, FE
Subject: English
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Bags

  1. A good bag is possibly the most important piece of equipment a teacher will invest in. Choose wisely.
  2. Your bag should have a number of different compartments/pockets to keep things separate and easy to access. Precious time should not be wasted scrabbling around for a pen.
  3. A bag should be large enough to carry:
    * A pencil case
    * Your lunch
    * A laptop or tablet and charger
    * One set of exercise books
    * An A4 pad
  4. If you have trouble picking up your bag as it is too heavy, you’re taking too much home. The answer to this is not to buy a bigger bag.
  5. Military and military-style rucksacks are a good bet. They are hard wearing with many pockets.

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