Marking by @CarolineMortlo1

Name: Caroline Mortlock
Twitter name: @CarolineMortlo1
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Lead Practitioner
What is your advice about? Marking

1: Buy supersized rubber bands from Staples to keep exercise books in manageable compact stacks. Two will do the trick.

2: Always keep a notebook running while you mark: spellings, issues, misconceptions – makes the feedback/DIRT lesson way more effective.

3: Choose a place to mark where you do just that – conditioning will soon help you mark more quickly and happily when you sit there because that’s where you always do it.

4: Stack marked books open at the place where the grade is to enable quick entering of the data into a markbook or onto a spreadsheet when the set is finished.

5: Even if you’ve hardly any time, mark two or three books of a waiting set – once you’ve started, it will be easier to continue.

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