Start of Lessons by @bectully

Name: Bec Tulloch
Twitter name: @bectully
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Drama
Position: SLE
What is your advice about? Start of lessons

1: Greet classes at the door, use names where you can, smile and engage with students as people. Check how their last lesson went as much as you can.

2: Calmly, clearly and precisely tell them exactly how to behave and get organised.

3: Clearly signal the start of the lesson. I do this by saying ‘Good Morning/afternoon, year…’ and then letting them sit, but you can find what suits you/your subject.

4: Always use the register ACTIVELY- give them a question which can be answered in a single sentence, to reflect content, form or SMSC themes of the lesson.

5: Have a good yarn to tell which expands on the lessons theme and MAKE IT PERSONAL – allow them to know you as a person.


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