Teaching Sixth Formers by @nik_d_maths

Name: Nik
Twitter:  @nik_d_maths
Sector:  FE
Subject: Maths
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Teaching sixth formers

  1. Sixth Formers are not yet adults. They still require structure, rules, consequences and guidance.
  2. Sixth Formers are no longer school children. Don’t dumb down language or activities, or use childish memes to try to engage them.
  3. Just because they have chosen to be in post secondary doesn’t mean they will always be highly motivated or independent; this still needs to be taught and made explicit.
  4. Get them into good homework habits early. Set as much as you reasonably can and make them responsible for getting help.
  5. Make sure there is a way for parents/guardians to be kept in the loop where appropriate. They have a right to know.

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