First Day Basics by @amuseED

Name: Allison Fairey
Twitter name: @amuseED
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Visual Arts + RE
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? First Day Basics

1: You should be welcomed into the school prior to your first teaching day for an orientation program, meet with key staff & curriculum coordinators & complete a WH&S induction.

2: Ask for your timetable & get someone to help you decode or make sense of it. Ask for class lists with a photo of each student (if possible).

3: Begin the process of befriending other staff. Take note of the names of everyone you meet and their role.

4: Visit each classroom you will use so you are familiar with resources, including technology available & layout.

5: Ask questions. Make sure you leave at the end of that first day with all of the information you think you need for your first teaching day.

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