Getting Rid of Plagiarism in the Classroom by @LynnUsrey

Name: Lynn
Twitter name: @LynnUsrey
Sector: Early Years, Primary, Secondary, FE, Special school
Subject taught (if applicable): Writing, English
Position: Teacher, Course owner
What is your advice about?  Get rid of plagiarism in the classroom

1: Learn what makes students plagiarize. Lack of motivation, unawareness of plagiarism and citation rules, heavy workload etc. can cause plagiarism in the classroom.

2: Tell about plagiarism and provide students with notable examples. The more students know, the better chances they have not to plagiarize.

3: Suggest ways of avoiding plagiarism. Inform your students about different writing techniques and citation styles, show how to paraphrase and summarize texts, how to quote.

4: Set a scope of rules. After your students have learnt about plagiarism and dangers that it causes, it’s relevant to establish some anti-plagiarism rules for students.

5: Use a plagiarism checker and recommend your students use it too. For example, Unplag scans files in seconds and shows a report with % of similarity and other features.

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