Screens in Classrooms by @SurrealAnarchy

Name: Martin Robinson
Twitter name: @surrealanarchy
Sector: Early Years,Primary,Secondary,FE
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Consultant
What is your advice about? Screens in classrooms

1: Tim Leary said about LSD: tune in, turn on, drop out. On screens in classrooms I say: turn off, tune in to the teaching and conversations, drop your devices…

2: If a school leader offers you a set of iPads look them politely in the eye and refuse them. Do not waver.

3: If you have an IWB in your classroom unplug it and hide the cables. If you are offered IWB training politely and firmly refuse.

4: If you get in trouble for your Luddism tune in to social media and blogs and expose the witch hunters for their blind obedience to the machine. Enjoy the paradox.

5: Do not be against screens but question their ubiquity. School is to open children’s eyes, not their iPads.

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