Selecting A Mentor by @amuseED

Name: Allison Fairey
Twitter name: @amuseED
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Visual Arts + RE
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Selecting a Mentor

1: In the early days meet as many other staff members as possible. Learn their names, their role and engage in conversation with them so they get to know you.

2: Begin thinking about who on staff are the well respected teachers, the good practitioners, the ones achieving good results & who have eager, satisfied, settled students.

3: Cultivate a professional relationship with these teachers. Ask them questions, join in with their conversations & ask to observe some of their lessons.

4: Discuss what you observe. Delve deeply into how they prepare for their classes, how they cater for student needs, how they design their learning tasks & assess outcomes.

5: Select a mentor from among them and ask them if they are willing to fulfill that role. If they agree, know that they will benefit from the relationship as much as you will.

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