Surviving the Staffroom by @amuseED

Name: Allison Fairey
Twitter name: @amuseED
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Visual Arts + RE
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Surviving the Staffroom

  1. Use the staffroom during your breaks. It is the first place where you will begin to gain an understanding of your schools culture.
  2. Sit in a different place each time you use the staffroom for the first few weeks. This is an excellent way to get to know other staff who are all part of your new team.
  3. If you are made to feel unwelcome by any ‘group’ in the staffroom, persevere with them. Choose to sit with them at least three times before deciding to leave them alone.
  4. You will find your preferred group. While that’s fabulous, at least once a week sit with a different group & also try sitting by yourself (see who comes to you).
  5. Use the staffroom for a real break. While it’s fine to engage in professional conversations, it’s also a chance to get to know others on a more personal level.

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