The great NQT job hunt by @JenJayneWilson

Name: Jennifer Wilson
Twitter name: @JenJayneWilson
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: English teacher, middle leader and SCITT mentor
What is your advice about? The great NQT job hunt

  1. Don’t compare yourself to other people. People will get jobs at different times and it really doesn’t matter.
  2. Do your research (e.g. prospectus, Ofsted reports etc) and tailor your application to reflect your research.
  3. The school are looking for the ‘best fit’ for their gap so don’t try to be somebody you’re not in a desperate attempt to impress.
  4. In your application focus on what you can offer the school, not what the school can offer you.
  5. Stay true to who you are as a teacher. There’ll be a school where you are the best fit and that’s the place that will give you the best development in your NQT year.

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