Classroom Routine by @jodieworld

Name: Jodie Lopez
Twitter name: @jodieworld
Sector: Primary,Ex Teacher (Primary)
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Head of Education
What is your advice about? Classroom Routine

  1. Spend time in September setting up your routines for the year – with clear expectations. I.e. start of day routines & how we get books out/put away at lesson transition times.
  2. Encourage independence – there is not much worse than a Year 6 child who does not know how to sharpen their own pencil
  3. Children love helping out and love routines. So leave them to organise books etc while you deal with getting the actual learning bit set up.
  4. Don’t create routines that won’t work with a supply teacher or timetable change. If you need to sing a special song to make them do it then it won’t happen when you are off
  5. Include children in decisions to change routines. If something you set up no longer works don’t be afraid to change it but explain why and get children on board with change.

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