Teaching Assistants by @SEND_teaching

Name: Diane Propsting
Twitter name:@SEND_teaching
Sector: Special school
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Teaching Assistants

  1. Spend time building relationships with your teaching assistants. This means getting to know them to find areas of common interest, create trust and lots of communication.
  2. Trust your teaching assistants, particularly if you work with a HLTA or TA3. You need to trust their judgement especially when it comes to evidence collection.
  3. Try to encourage and welcome feedback from your teaching assistants. You may need to delegate a good idea so try not to get precious about it.
  4. Find out what motivates your teaching assistants and use it. They need support and development too.
  5. Encourage your teaching assistants to be proactive and work with them to experiment in the classroom.

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