Dealing with mentors by @thefish64

Name: Fish64
Twitter name: @thefish64
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Head of department
What is your advice about? Dealing with mentors

  1. Mentors vary – but they usually like to talk. Listen to them and you will get useful advice, but don’t necessarily always take everything they say as gospel
  2. Mentors, like you, will be incredibly busy. They should make time for you, but be aware that unexpected events/SLT demands can lead to meetings being rescheduled
  3. I remember seeing my mentor teach and thinking “I could have done it better”. Probably so could your mentor, had it not been for all their other commitments.
  4. A good mentor will welcome your ideas, but will also warn you of possible pitfalls. Their advice on timing is likely to be spot on
  5. Remember, mentors want you to do well – it is as much in their interest as yours that you are successful

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