Teaching A level RS for first time by @emma_teacher

Name: Emma Owen Davies
Twitter name: @emma_teacher
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Religious Studies
Position: Head of Department
What is your advice about? Teaching A level RS for first time

  1. Always go back to the original texts – e.g read Aquinas in translation but don’t rely just on textbook interpretation
  2. Ask questions- if you’re not sure whether something is a priori/inductive etc or why, ask. It might be that you’re teaching a topic you haven’t for looked at for a while.
  3. Use the specification but reach out to colleagues in other schools. Ask how they structure, how assess to compare.
  4. Use the examiners’ reports and copy exemplar for students to model and magpie from
  5. Check understanding regularly with key terms and scholars; short timed tests are useful as well as essay practice. They’ll thank you in the end!

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