Credibility in the Classroom by @amuseED

Name: Allison Fairey
Twitter name: @amuseED
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Art + RE
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Credibility in the Classroom

  1. Be confident. This comes easily with experience, but being super organised helps. Always have a number of contingency plans ready to employ if a lesson goes off the rails.
  2. Be cool. Never let unexpected surprises or setbacks affect you. Aim for calmness at all times & show this in the way you use your voice & your body language.
  3. Know your subject/s well & extend your knowledge into related areas. Making multiple connections will send the message that what you teach is worth learning.
  4. Observe your students as they work. Don’t be distracted while they are learning. You will learn a great deal about them & they will know you prioritise them above all else.
  5. Respect your students & never cause them to doubt your sincerity. Listen to them & give them authentic & varied opportunities to demonstrate their learning.

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