High Expectations For All by @xjuliesmithx

Name: Julie Smith
Twitter name: xjuliesmithx
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Lead Practitioner
What is your advice about? High Expectations For All

  1. Set mastery goals based on regular, formative evaluation. Providing students with clear, specific feedback about their goals can aid progress.
  2. Feedback needs to be purposeful, meaningful and compatible with prior knowledge. Stress the importance of allowing learning from mistakes.
  3. Positive teacher-student relationships are key. Students who feel supported by their teachers are less likely to become alienated and disengaged from their work.
  4. Consider grouping students in your class according to present, rather than prior attainment. This can avoid notions of fixed ability.
  5. Groupings should also be flexible to maximise benefits to learning.

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