Careers Conversations by @CareersDefender

Name: Janet Colledge
Twitter name: @CareersDefender
Sector: Secondary,FE
Subject taught (if applicable): Careers Education
Position: Careers Education Consultant
What is your advice about? Careers Conversations

  1. Be prepared for pupils to ask you for careers advice 77% ask teachers first. Never feel it’s wrong to say you don’t know when asked – you can’t know everything.
  2. Do some research on the type of careers your subject leads to – Try googling careers using x – failing that you may find posters for your subject here
  3. Find out who your school careers adviser is so that you can suggest pupils contact him or her – Or they can contact an adviser on National Careers Service number 0800 100 900
  4. Remember statutory guidance from the DFE says advice given should always be in the best interest of the pupil. If you’re not sure – refer on
  5. It’s been proven that pupils are more engaged by lessons that they can see the point of. Try and link your lesson to real life situations, – That, is real careers education

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