Teaching Science by @mrthomson

Name: Drew Thomson
Twitter name: @mrthomson
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Science/Physics
Position: Head of Science
What is your advice about? Teaching Science

  1. Subject knowledge is key: understand deeply what students ought to know now and how they can best progress to the next Key Stage. Know their misconceptions. Love your subject.
  2. Use multiple stimuli: a lot of science is quite abstract so use videos, simulations, animations, demonstrations, practicals, clear explanations from textbooks.
  3. Demonstrate its applicability: set work that requires students to follow and understand current affairs related to science.
  4. Practicals: students should fully come to recognise the importance of designing and following thorough scientific methods, and understand how scientists use data and evidence.
  5. Practice makes perfect: exam success is important, and ought to come as a by-product of excellent teaching. However, developing exam technique through past papers is vital.

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