AfL by @traceyjanesmith

Name: Tracey Smith
Twitter name: @traceyjanesmith
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): Year 6
Position: Headteacher and Year 6 teacher
What is your advice about? AfL

  1. Always start your lessons by ascertaining what the pupils already know.
  2. Use mini-plenaries every 5 minutes throughout the lesson to check they are on target, share best work and move on to the next step.
  3. Use peer assessment through the lesson, rather than just at the end. Eg……is s/he right? How do you know?
  4. Towards the end, get the class to reflect upon what they have learnt and the progress they feel/their peers feel/you feel they have made.
  5. Interact with the class throughout the lesson. AfL is SO important for a successful lesson with great learning.

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