Applications and interviews by @ewenfields

Name: David Jones
Twitter name: @ewenfields
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Head
What is your advice about? Applications and interviews

  1. Do visit your prospective school-If they say, they don’t allow visits in school time-don’t apply! It has to feel right for you and you should tour everywhere.
  2. Don’t rely on set letters-write to the school and give lots of practical learning and teaching examples which show your reflection and potential. Cut the philosophy/SPAG it!
  3. If called for interview, contact school and ask about the needs of the class you are teaching, names, resources available etc. If they won’t or don’t tell you don’t go!
  4. Scrub up and get your best suit on. You aren’t the finished product and good schools look for potential-your powers of reflection about your practice would be key for me.
  5. If at any point you are unsure and feel that the school may not be right for you in terms of NQT support, CPD, workload etc.-WALK AWAY-there will be other jobs. Good luck

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