Interview preparation by @molin_bryan

Name: Bryan Molin
Twitter name: @molin_bryan
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Maths
Position: Assistant Headteacher
What is your advice about? Interview preparation

  1. Go through the job spec very carefully to make sure you are absolutely clear about the requirements of the job. Reflect on how you meet each criteria
  2. Make sure you have researched the school, its ethos, latest OFSTED and Google the SLT at the school. Modern technology gives you the opportunity to be fully prepared.
  3. Make sure you have read up a little on educational theory. Twitter is a good starting point.
  4. Make sure communication with the school is positive, polite and thorough. You may wish to visit the school before. Good to get intel from key staff and students.
  5. Prepare for the questions with a trusted professional. I generally script answers. Think about concrete examples- what have you done, what impact and how it was evaluated.

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