Get rid of plagiarism in the classroom by @LynnUsrey

Name: Lynn Usrey
Twitter name: @LynnUsrey
Sector: Special school
Subject taught (if applicable): Writing, Literature
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Get rid of plagiarism in the classroom

  1. Learn what makes students plagiarize – lack of motivation, unawareness of plagiarism and citation rules, heavy workload and etc. Have an open talk with your students.
  2. Tell about plagiarism and provide students with examples, tell about academic honor code, plagiarism consequences.
  3. Suggest ways of avoiding plagiarism. Inform your students about writing techniques and citation styles, how to paraphrase texts, how to quote, arrange the list of references.
  4. Set a scope of rules. Establish some anti-plagiarism rules so students knew what they are allowed to do and what expects them if they violate the rules.
  5. Use a plagiarism checker and recommend your students to use it. For example, Unplag plagiarism checker shows the percentage of similarity and links to the original sources.

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