Leading assemblies by @ssgill76

Name: Sapuran Gill
Twitter name: @ssgill76
Sector: Secondary
Position: Deputy Head
What is your advice about? Leading assemblies

  1. Planning and preparation.
    Rehearse the timings; including any videos, and practice, practice and practice.
  2. Voice.
    Ensure that you can be heard from the back of the venue, including any students that may be presenting with you.
  3. Clarity.
    Ensure that everyone understands your message. I like to start and finish with a thought to reflect upon.
  4. Stimuli.
    It’s important to leave students and staff with a message, there are superb short videos on YouTube, but it can be helpful to include a range of people to present.
  5. Dead time.
    What do you do at the start of an assembly? Our Head of Performing Arts has a range of music to listen to which we introduce to them to increase their knowledge.

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